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Fennell Property Management, Inc.

Specializing in Association Management


Fennell Property Management, Inc. specializes in HOA Management in the Knoxville area. If you're looking for experienced and knowledgeable Property Managers that have years of industry experience, you've come to the right place. With Fennell Property Management, Inc. you get friendly faces, responsive communication, and the personal service of a small business. For years we've formed long-lasting, honest relationships with Board members, homeowners, and vendors, and we hope to continue that for many years!

Our mission is to provide our clients with a service that increases the value of their neighborhoods, creating and maintaining places where people desire to live. In addition, we strive to increase the sense of community within each neighborhood in hope that it will go beyond its boundaries and into the community at large.

headshot of Hank Fennell, President
Hank Fennell, President

Hank Fennell, President

Hank has managed neighborhood associations since 2008 and started Fennell Property Management, Inc. in 2010. He got his real estate license shortly thereafter. He enjoys playing golf and travelling in his spare time.

Andy Fennell, Head of Operations

After 5 years as a director at Chick-fil-A, Andy joined Hank as part owner in 2017. Andy utilizes the skills, efficiencies and hospitality learned from his time at Chick-fil-A to provide the best possible service for Fennell Property Management, Inc.

headshot of Andy Fennell, Head of Operations
Andy Fennell, Head of Operations


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  • Billing for, collecting, and processing homeowners' dues
  • All check writing and bookkeeping tasks related to HOA activity
  • Accurate and timely financial reports with monthly profit and loss statements
  • Maintenance of accurate and thorough supporting records - including detailed lists of payments from tenants, invoices from vendors, etc.
  • Preparation of annual budgets
  • Collections follow up for delinquent HOA members
  • Coordination of lien filing
  • Coordination of tax services (not included in monthly management fee)

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Administrative and Managerial

  • Performing property inspections noting and addressing the following:
    • Deficiencies in service by HOA vendors
    • Violations of covenants and restrictions
    • Violations of any other by-laws or rules passed by the Board of Directors
  • Shopping vendors regularly to maintain lowest costs and highest standards, making sure your grounds are immaculate and well taken care of
  • Performing reserve and insurance studies
  • Reconciling covenant & by-laws violations
  • Contracting for grounds and building maintenance
  • Representing the HOA in property closings
  • Organizing annual meetings or board meetings
  • Communication to and with Association members
  • Answering questions or dealing with issues on an as needed basis
  • Professional and unbiased opinions and viewpoints from a third party


I feel a great relief that I am not totally responsible for the things you do.

Our bookkeeping and record keeping used to be very disorganized before we hired FPM. They set up on an effective and accurate budget for our HOA, so we know where every dollar comes from and where every dollar is spent.

As president of my HOA, FPM has taken the burden of managing the association off my shoulders. Now I have more time to do the things I actually want to do in my spare time!

As president of the Sterchi Hills HOA we work with Clark and Hank on a daily basis, they have demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism in working issues with our homeowners,contractors, and the board. They are always prompt with responses and thorough in their dealings with contractors working for the HOA. I highly recommend them to care for your subdivision or other management needs.

I am on the HOA Board for Williamsburg Manor Townhomes. Fennell Management Company has managed our property for approximately 4 to 5 years. They have always responded to everything we have asked them to do as quickly as possible and have guided our board in the right direction for major decisions. We feel fortunate to have them managing our development.


HOA Fees

HOA Fees are a mandatory, unavoidable part of the life each Association member. We make paying fees simple by partnering with local and national banks to offer as many ways to pay as we can. No more sending checks several days in advance of the due date. You can pay online the day the payment is due to avoid late fees.

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